Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean. It is an independent country.

As of 2015, the water distribution system of Jamaica was aged and unable to reliably supply water to residents of the island.[1] Miya, an Israeli firm, contracted in 2015 with the National Water Commission to upgrade the water system of Kingston. The project was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).[2]


  1. "The High Costs of Jamaica's Crumbling Water Infrastructure Frequent water outages on the island result in huge productivity losses." article by Rebekah Kebede on CityLab December 2015
  2. "Miya signs a water efficiency project estimated at $42.5M in Jamaica Project with National Water Commission of Jamaica is designed to maximize efficiency of Kingston's water system. Daily savings of more than 70 million liters of fresh water are expected within 5 years, enough to supply water to additional 500,000 people" press release by Miya in July 9, 2015

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