The demography of Colorado is characterized by slow decline of rural areas on the eastern plains and rapid growth along the Front Range corridor at the foot of the Rocky Mountains along the I-25 corridor. Growth is also occurring in attractive areas in the mountains and on the Western Slope.

Typical of a declining community is Sedgwick, a small town on the South Platte River, near the northeastern corner of Colorado. Having once had a population of 2000 during its boom days, Sedgwick is now a declining town of 191, with only a few stores open on its main street. It has been informed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that its 86 year old water system is in need of replacement at an estimated cost of $800,000.

Crestone, located in an attractive location in the mountains of south central Colorado, is an increasing town of 73 persons which is contemplating installation of a water system.

The water resources of Colorado include the waters of the Rio Grande, the Colorado River, the the waters of the South and North Platte, and the Arkansas River. There are several smaller rivers such as the Gunnison River which are tributary to these larger rivers.

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