The Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, NCWCD, is a water conservancy district in the Upper South Platte Basin in a partially urbanized and agricultural area on the northern front range in northern Colorado. Major cities are Loveland, Colorado, Greeley, Colorado, and Loveland, Colorado. It was created in 1937 by the state of Colorado as a public agency to contract with the federal government to built the The Colorado-Big Thompson Project, a major transmountain water diversion project. The district provides water both for irrigated agriculture and municipal water systems.

The district was in the news in 2008 due to its projected construction of a dam near the Cache la Poudre river near Fort Collins, Colorado to augment water for municipal supplies. The dam would be part of the Northern Integrated Supply Project, NISP, a project to develop water as an alternative to transfer of water from agricultural to municipal use. According to the district it is the District's responsibility to ensure adequate water supplies for residents within its boundaries.


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