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Republican River

The Republican River rises on the high plains of eastern Colorado in the United States. The two main tributaries, called the North and South forks, join at Benkelman, Nebraska. From there, the river flows generally eastward along the southern border of Nebraska before curving southward into Kansas. The Republican River joins the Smoky Hill River at Junction City, Kansas to form the Kansas River.

Some cities along the river are McCook, Nebraska, Concordia, Kansas and Junction City, Kansas. Near Concordia is the Republican River Pegram Truss, a bridge that goes over the Republican River that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The river was named after a branch of Pawnee Indians known as "the Republicans" (Stewart 1967:223).

Use of the waters of the Republican River Basin is divided between Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska and regulated by the Republican River Compact with approximately 49 percent to Nebraska, 40 percent to Kansas and 11 percent to Colorado. Primarily based on a complaint by Kansas that Nebraska was withdrawing water in excess of its allotment by allowing drilling numerous irrigation wells the use of water in the basin was litigated in from 1998 to 2003 in Kansas v. Nebraska and Colorado. The matter was again in the news in 2007 with a similar complaint being made by Kansas.


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