In addition to this wiki on Wikia, there are several other wikis with substantial information concerning water.

  • Wikipedia is a general encyclopedia with a substantial number of article regarding water resources. Template:Wp is used to create a link to a Wikipedia article. It is use in this way: {{Wp|Name of article}}
  • WaterWiki, hosted by the University of North Carolina and devoted to question of water management in the southeastern United States, particularly North Carolina. It also contains information about other regions of the United States. Open to public participation.
  •, initiated originally in 2005 by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), the UN's global development network. Since 2009 other UN-agencies are contributing (WHO, UNESCO and others). Its scope was initially Central and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (in 2005), Beginning in 2009 its scope has been extended worldwide. It is open to contributions by water professionals active in work related to the UN (You need to request an account).
  • GreatLakesWiki "launched in the fall of 2006 by students at Michigan State University" For the sharing of information and resources by individuals and organizations interested in the Great Lakes. It is open to public participation.

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